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"The Power of Christian Resources"

The ultimate Christian book is the Bible. Next to it are the books, films, studies, etc. published specifically as supplements of Christian theology. Individual Christian resources allow both the authors and the readers to explore the realms of Christianity. To interpret philosophical questions and virtually all other things that concern the knowledge on Christian theology. The Resource Center has them all.

Christian resources spring out of extraordinary and not so extraordinary encounters. You may find some of them non-pleasing because many reveal philosophies that are against your personal perspectives. However, this does not negate the fact the larger portion of these touch the heart. Some have created deep and great changes among their readers. Not only can people relate with the author's ideas, we are also lead to recreate in ourselves a broader sense of religion and enlightenment. These are by and large mind openers.

At The Resource Center we are moved by what we read, see, and study. Why? Because these are tales of personal experiences with God.

The Days of Increase - Support The RC

The Resource Center financial support comes from congregational memberships, gifts & grants. No portion of our budget comes from any large mainline church group, judicatory or denomination, but rather from those who want to ensure ministry tools are available at a reasonable cost. Making charitable contributions of your time, talent, money or the like to The Resource Center is a wonderful way to help us out and also a good way to get some tax breaks. There are a variety of credits and deductions for individual and business taxpayers, find information at

"Connecting God's people with ministry resources to further Christ's Mission in the World to make and grow disciples."

The Resource Center (RC) is a lending library and provides an opportunity to check-out, review and use resources. Materials are available to members and non-members on a loan basis. Materials include
  • Christian Education
  • Church Holidays
  • Family
  • Parish Planning
  • Personal Growth
  • Social Concerns
  • Theology
  • Worship
  • Youth

The Resource Center has a NEW membership fee schedule. Please take a look at the Online membership form.

Improvements to this web site are partially funded by gifts and grants
from the following mission-minded congregations:

Eagle Grove Lutheran Church, Eagle Grove, IA
Zion Lutheran Church, Clear Lake IA
Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, Mason City IA

If you would like to be a part of this far-reaching mission outreach,
contact The Resource Center.

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